The people behind startups usually have ideas and concepts that they want to turn into reality. These ideas could potentially become great solutions. However, the hardest part of the process is how to pursue them as a business reality. In today’s business world, the majority of ideas come in the form of mobile apps.

Consumers have shifted towards mobile devices to access the Internet and do stuff online. Mobile apps help startups with their marketing campaigns and develop a good online presence. That’s why it is important for businesses to come up with the best mobile app. Through proper product development process, business owners can have the results they are looking for.



In order to turn your napkin sketches into a reality, the first step is to strategize. During this stage, the developer brainstorms with the business owner to find out the features they want in the final product. The developer will then determine if they are viable or not.

At this point of the process, the developer does a thorough research to understand what the startup needs. One will analyze companies and products that are already in the market to understand the competition.

At the end of the strategizing stage, the developer will come up with a detailed product strategy document, as well as a delivery plan. Brainstorming sessions are important to ensure that the final product is the solution that the company is looking for.



The next step of the product development process is prototyping. Mobile apps go through this process to ensure that each screen provides the right level of usability. At this point of the process, the napkin sketches have already been transformed into well-defined sketches. They serve as the blueprint where the final product will be based on.

The prototype will show the final user interface, which is important when it comes to testing the user-friendliness of the mobile apps. The developer must be able to explain the actions that will be carried out in the different sections of the app. It will also indicate if the user needs to slide, swipe or tap on the screen.

It is also through prototyping that the developer explains how the app works. Startups can test the app for themselves and find out if all the features they want are incorporated into the app. Once the prototype has been validated by the client, the process will enter the next phase, which is the actual product development stage.



During the last phase of the process, every detail will be put into consideration. It is during the product development phase where everything will be finalized. The developer will ensure that all the features are incorporated into the final version of the mobile app. The developer will keep the process as transparent as possible so that the startup knows the progress of the project.

This is how ideas can turn into a reality. It is highly recommended that you work with an experienced product development team to ensure that the resulting product incorporates your vision and goal.